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a play by Vijay Padaki

"In the early ‘nineties India opened up its economy and joined the world economic order as a player and thus became a participant in the globalization ..."

Cretacea 3000

a play by Sharath Krishnaswami

"3. Cretacea 3000 (This play is third of a set of 6 plays called 'Saucerful of Spaceships') How hard is it to find a partner for life? It’s as simple..."


a play by Rahul Rai

"When Babari Masjid was in conversation, in a village in Eastern UP, an upper caste boy Raghu is drawn towards an untouchable married women Nirmala. Th..."

Daave / डावे

a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A woman in her seventies (Smita) opens her door to find an old friend. This man, who is also in his seventies (Bhaskar), opens up a box of memories th..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"Set in a riot-torn world, a couple navigates through tough conversations about existence and the idea of doing the right thing. They initially keep re..."


a play by Champra Deshpande

"The play revolves around three major characters Smita, her husband Hemant and their friend Bhaskar, all settled in life and in their seventies. The pl..."


a play by Champra Deshpande

"Mohile, an eccentric and hot-headed company manager who loves animals, is in search of his lost white mouse in his home. He continues searching along ..."


a play by Aditi Sharma & Rohan Vyavaharkar

"Having spent years in the grimy gullies of Bombay, Sonabai has seen the worst of the city's underbelly. She may be entrenched in the world of crime, b..."


a play by Champra Deshpande

"Akshay is an atheist, especially non-believer of worships, celebrations and processions in the name of religion and God. He believes that it's just te..."


a play by Adhir Bhat

"Set in the smoking area of a corporate building over the period of a week, a bunch of office employees discuss appraisals, politics, and relationships..."

Dinkar Purohitcha Khoon

a play by Champra Deshpande

"The story is set in a middle-aged couple Mr. and Mrs. Devras' home. Ramabai, i.e. Mrs. Devras, wishes that they start an umbrella factory, while Mr. D..."

Disappearing Act

a play by Esthappen

""You know when you first look at someone how you imagine their history?" Embattled Manipur is the focus of the play "Disappearing Act", where Indian..."

Do Jallad

a play by Surekha Sikri

"'Do Jallad' or 'The Two Executioners' (Les Deux Bourreaux) is a Hindi translation of the Spanish play written by Fernando Arrabal. It deals with the r..."

Double Dhamaka

a play by Neeraj Shirvaikar

"Two thieves follow a drunk man to steal his one crore winning lottery ticket. They plan to enter his house and steal it. The older thief decides to im..."


a play by Champra Deshpande

"A modern day relationship-to-marriage-story. Anurag is a bachelor young man who loves his culture and family yet has modern thoughts. Antara is a pamp..."


a play by V Balakrishnan

"Dvija is the narrative of one of the greatest warriors of the Bharatha war – Drona. A man born to educate, also finds the need to fight. What starts ..."

Einstein’s Dreams

a play by Vijay Padaki and Vibhinna Ramdev

"Einstein’s Dreams is an original adaptation-dramatization of the highly acclaimed novel by the physicist-novelist Alan Paige Lightman at MIT. It is b..."



"The play revolves around the story of the inhabitants of Drongiri mountain; the mountain that Hanuman trans-located to save Laxman, during the battle ..."