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a play by Rahul Rai

"This Kebab is juicy with greed, corruption and capitalism. While settling the MRP of this kebab, Sakina's husband and her son are murdered. Abidah, Sa..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A SHORT PLAY about the tensions and the politics of power that rise almost daily in a household between mother and daughter, grandmother and daughter-..."

Keffiyeh/Made in China

a play by Dalia Taha

"Keffiyeh/Made In China — Mosaic Theater. In the aftermath of murder, a man and woman attempt to connect inside the finite time of a viral video, a dig..."

Kepler Dreams

a play by Kamla K Kapur

"As the play opens, Harold, a playwright and actor, is preparing to kill himself on the stage. He is stopped from pulling the trigger by the entry of a..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"A trio of clowns entertains the crowd for a good while before pointing towards a big rock on stage. They keep talking about how delicious the food the..."


a play by Amol Devidasl Salve

"'KHATARA' is the play based on today’s life of farmers. This play tries to show psychological effects and effects on family system of various things h..."

Khoon Karaychay..!!

a play by Sameer Garud

"Rajwade, a successful crime fiction author, lives in a large country manor house filled with elaborate games and automata. He invites his wife Sai’s l..."


a play by Chandrakant Prabhakar Deshpande

"Young Yuvraj and Renuka struggle with convincing their rival families about their relationship. Renuka’s father is an upper-caste ruling party member ..."

Krishna's Dark Son

a play by V Balakrishnan

"Krishna's Dark Son is a one-person play about the tale of Sambha, Krishna’s son from Jambavati. A less heard tale, of one who in all his glory and spi..."


a play by Vikram Phukan

"A portrait of a young Polish girl working in a fudge shop in Edinburgh, circa 2008. The 2004 expansion of the European Union, resulted in a sharp spi..."

Kurchigalu (translation of 'Chairs' by E

a play by Rashmi

"An absurdist take on the daily existential crisis would be a one phrase summary of this play. The play opens with Muduka (the old man) and Pramila (hi..."

Kurukshetra Burning!

a play by Vijay Padaki

"The epic Mahabharata war has ended. For some it is a triumph, the end of an era of injustice. For others it is the beginning of another long journey i..."


a play by Prajakt Deshmukh

"Lalya Mulgaokar is a small village boy who ends up in a big institution for education. The story revolves around an investigation of why Lalya committ..."



"Set in the present day rural heartland, ‘Lassan wala’ tells the tale of Kallu Bahman, a sixty -year old Brahmin garlic seller whose family has been gr..."


a play by Manjima Chatterjee

"A look at marriage in the context of globalisation, at unhindered continuities and inexplicable inequalities, partnerships that are not quite present,..."


a play by Volodymyr Serdiuk

"Two parents do not know how to deal with their child. They imagine strange thing which led them nowhere...."

Love in the Cholera of Time

a play by Prashanth Nair

"Two misfits who never felt like they never truly belonged in their own time fall in love with each other. The only problem? They exist in 2 different ..."


a play by Akash Mohimen

"In the village of Bihabund, a young tribal leader's life is turned upside down when a hunting exhibition goes wrong. What follows is a marriage compro..."