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a play by V Balakrishnan

"A city in trouble asks for the help of three gunslingers to save them, and promises them the post of the Mayor for their support. The city has been ov..."

Under the Chestnut Tree

a play by Akash Mohimen

"In an authoriatrian democracy, where colour has been banned, two rival artists clash against each other, while under the constant supervision of the g..."


a play by Anshul C. Panicker

"A 56 year-old retired police officer has lived up to his reputation of being a symbol of justice. People have always looked up to him for his righteou..."


a play by Mahesh Dattani

"Two lonely men hook up in a futuristic pandemic setting. Their differences in caste and class are overcome by their desperate need for the touch and t..."


a play by Asmit Pathare

"Based on a lecture by Prof Nivedita Menon, Us and Them is the story of a magician and his student. The student has too many questions and the magician..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"Chess has always been connected with the practice of war, but in reality it is a mind-game, and its stratagems can parallel human contests in any fiel..."


a play by Abhimanyu Acharya

"'Vesha' is the story of a conflict between a father and a son in a Bhavai troupe, as both decide to stage different Veshas on the same night. Father s..."


a play by Champra Deshpande

"Sadanand, an advocate, is working on completing an argument for a case, while his wife Neeta finds herself ignored and alone. She wants to spend time ..."


a play by Akarsh Khurana

"Tensions rise, as an urbane couple with an illustrious traveling history, gears up for their US Visa interview. The officer taking the interview, howe..."

Waiting for Eklavya

a play by Nisha Abdulla

"Two young students discuss the absence of their friend, Eklavya, from the digital classroom in the initial days of The Pandemic 2020. This playscript..."

Waiting For Naseer

a play by Sapan Saran

"“Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.” Waiting for Naseer is a philosophical comedy wherein two actors wait at the Prithvi the..."

We're Here To Help

a play by Akarsh Khurana

"Two eager young women from an American NGO arrive in India, insistent on catalysing change in what they assume is a miserable village in desperate nee..."

Welcoming The Star

a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A skit about stars and people...."

What Planet Are You On?

a play by Akarsh Khurana

"Combining romance and fantasy with a sensitive commentary on learning disabilities, this play presents a slice of life comedy about an adolescent boy ..."

Why India and Pakistan Fought a War in 1

a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A skit that offers a funny alternative history...."


a play by Arghya Lahiri

"A man meets a woman at a party one night. He hears her laugh and wants to record it. He’s a sound designer, he says. She lets him, on the condition th..."


a play by Dr. Vithal Rajan

"A contemporary play about Indian women of all ages, and coming from several sections of India’s hierarchal society - a few who are wealthy, and severa..."


a play by Poile Sengupta

"The Queen of the Kingdom is tired of being a queen and disguises herself as a flower girl while her messenger, wishing to annex the village of Yavamaj..."