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Beediyolagondu Maneya Maadi

a play by Surendranath S & Sripathi Manjanabail

"Beediyolagondu Maneya Maadi' in a satirical and a humorous vein comments on the degenerating nature of religious festivals and disproves traditional d..."

Being Sartak Majumdar

a play by Karan Shetty

"Being Sartak Majudmar is a representation of how mainstream media, cinema, Television and the internet have quietly seeped into our daily lives and st..."

Belle Curv

a play by Chetan Shah

"Set in the world of cricket, the play explores the once rampant contagion of match-fixing and the steps taken to curb it. RAHUL is a whiz kid who has ..."


a play by Kaustubh Naik

"The play is based on the famous Bhawalpur Sanyasi Case that caught people's attention in colonial Bengal at the fag end of British rule in India. Sift..."

Bhool Bhulaiya (A Comedy of Errors)

a play by Dr. Rangeya Raghav

"This is a translation of William Shakespeare's play 'A Comedy of Errors'. After both being separated from their twins in a shipwreck, Antipholus and h..."


a play by Swapnil Gaikwad

"Two Random young men trapped inside the mysterious room. tries to get out and finds something grave...."


a play by Shilpa Kamble

"'Biryani' is a socio-political drama around the lives of two women, Sakina a Muslim widow, and Kurmuri a low-caste, low class-deserted woman. Young Ku..."

Bishoyta Chintar

a play by Sibaji Gupta

"An adaptation of Mary Chase's 1944 play, Harvey, 'Bishoyta Chintar' is a take on what constitutes 'Normal' human behavior. Chintamani helps everyone o..."


a play by Sarah Kane

"In the mid-1990s, in an expensive hotel room in Leeds, a middle-aged man seduces a young woman. When she resists, he rapes her. At the same time this ..."

Blue is the Colour I Cry

a play by Nisha Abdulla

""There is a story the lands tell. Of a king who was so full of fear and ambition that he killed his own children... he stomped on them with his feet, ..."

BlueBerry Pie

a play by Srilalitha Pamidipati

"While we speak a lot in conversation, do we actually mean all that? This story is a simple play of subtext that happens in our day to day conversation..."

Bollywood Bandwagon

a play by Anurupa Roy and Choiti Ghosh

"‘Kya Jeena Bin Tere’ (No life without you): The biggest blockbuster of the year! Starring Bollywood’s brightest stars seen on the same screen for the ..."

Bombay Dying

a play by Akarsh Khurana & Hussain Dalal

"In Dadar East, home to the erstwhile Bombay Dyeing mill, three stories involving seemingly unrelated characters interweave. Stories of people from dif..."

Bombay! Bosnia!

a play by Avijit Dutt

"The play documents 6 Jan, during the Bombay riots. It’s a journey from futile helplessness to hope? It’s not the popular anger of peoples, but a metho..."

Bone of Contention in Cosmopolitan CHS

a play by Faezeh Jalali

"While wanting to adhere to tradition and religious systems the residents of Cosmopolitan Cooperative Housing Society reveal their deep down prejudices..."

Bow of Rama

a play by Shreekumar Varma

"There is political turmoil in a small Kerala village where Panchayat elections are due. Both candidates fight in the name of a deceased icon. Their fa..."

Brahma Vishnu Mahesh

a play by Satyadev Dubey

"This play goes on to depict Narad's vengeance as a result of the curse that was cast upon him by goddess Lakshmi. Infamous for his enticing diplomacy,..."

Breaking News

a play by Avijit Dutt

"Balwaan, the MP is brought to his constituency by Reality TV. He has to exist for 7 days without money, security or pelf. He cannot possibly do this, ..."